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My name is Roberta Holanda Maschietto. As I write this bio, I am about to conclude a PhD in Peace Studies (University of Bradford, UK). Before that I was a Lecturer in International Relations (IR) for nearly five years in Brazil, having completed a Masters Degree in IR in 2005.

My journey in Peace Studies started from a place of deep dissatisfaction with how mainstream IR treated peace and war issues and how disconnected it was from  everyday people. Being a passionate for African issues, I also felt unsettled with the theoretical instruments I was taught since my early years as an undergraduate student, and so I left in search for something different…. and ended up spending the last five years doing research on Mozambique, trying to understand ‘what has changed for the ordinary Mozambican after nearly twenty years of peace (besides the end of organised direct violence)?’ I focused on people’s empowerment as the central barometer in order to assess that country’s peace.

The findings of my research led me to become increasingly interested in people’s perceptions of peace and change. In particular, having spoken with over 200 hundred people (from politicians to rural citizens) I was struck by how different these perceptions were across groups of actors, and how they were often based on very different assumptions from those pervading many policies for empowerment promotion in post-war scenarios.

This blog is thus a tool for reflection on peace-related issues — peace as a concept, peace as empowerment, Peace Studies in general, and the different kinds of policies aiming at ‘building peace’. As reflection entails dialogue, I urge you to not only read my posts but also comment, question, and criticise.

Finally, I am also passionate about photography, so in the category ‘Images’ you will find some pictures with quotes related to peace — peace in its broadest possible connotation.

Thank you for your click and have a wonderful day!


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